Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wonderful Day Off!

So I had a day off all to myself today...and I can't think of any better way to spend it then doing crafty projects around our apartment!! :) 

I've been scoping out a couple different videos on YouTube about DIY nail polish racks. A girl who's videos I like to watch has a great one up on this project.

Things that you'll need for this project are:
1. Three pieces of standard size foam boards (I got mine at Wal Mart). I just grabbed the black color because it went better with the leopard print.
2. A hot glue gun & lots of extra glue sticks.
3. A sharp Exacto Knife
4. A straight edge...a t square would work great. 
5. Something to measure with, a ruler or tape measure.
6. A pencil 
7. OPTIONAL leopard print duct tape. (Or any design duct tape.)

- Take first piece of foam board, measure and mark every 5 inches across the shortest part of the board. Drawing a straight line across entire piece. This will be the backing board of the polish rack. The lines will be were you glue your shelves. After all said and done you will have drawn five lines down the length your board. 
- Second, take the next piece of foam board, measure and mark every 2 inches across the shortest part of the board. Make seven of these 2 inch pieces. These sections will be your shelf bottoms. Draw lines as straight as possible and then cut with an Exacto knife. 
- With the remaining half of the second piece of foam board, cut and measure seven 1 inch strips. These strips should also be the same length as the shelves. They will serve as the front of the shelf and what we will end up covering in Duct Tape.The tape serves no real purpose except to add a fun twist.
- Moving on to the third and last piece of foam board. Cut two 2 1/2 inch sections the long way (Vertically). These two sections will serve as the two sides of our nail polish rack. I also chose to cover mine in duct tape. :) 
- Take your first piece of foam board and begin gluing on each 2 inch section. Try to keep them as straight as possible, following the lines you have drawn on your backing board. When you think you have used enough glue...always use more. 
- After all shelf bottoms are glued on, glue the sides of your rack together. You're almost finished, it should look like a normal shelf or rack but without the front leopard print pieced to keep our polishes from falling. 
- Lastly glue your duct tape covered one inch strips to the front of every shelf bottom. This adds stability and again keeps the polishes from sliding off the rack.
- DING your snazzy nail polish rack is done and ready to be filled with all your beautiful nail polishes. You can also choose to mount your rack on the wall, it should be sturdy enough. I just chose to sit mine on top of my dresser! :)

My other project for today involved my wedding photos! :) I just haven't had time to put up this framed wall art that we got as a gift for our wedding. So I FINALLY printed out some of my favorite photos from our wedding! These frames were rather easy to put together and are a good quality. I think they are from Bed Bath and Beyond. ;) 

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