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Well being the slacker that I am I've accumulated a few new favorites since my last blog. I tired to get a bigger selection...a little something for everyone, ya know? These next things I have been loving lately. Not all of them are new, some I've been using for a while and just feel like they might be worth spreading the love. 

First are a few nail polish colors and a hair product. I've been wanting to try something, or anything from the Macadamia Natural Oil line. These products are a little on the pricier side so I wanted to start out with something a little less expensive. This trial size as less than 10 dollars. It's a natural oil for dry and damaged hair. With my over dyed over dried hair I've really been testing out some new products lately! I put this in my hair after I've towel tried it and before I use any other products or style my hair. I concentrate it on my ends. Because it is an oil it can get a little greasy or weigh down your hair if you add too much or use it in the wrong place. So by keeping it targeted on the ends it doesn't get that unwashed, matted look. Thank goodness. I've been trying to grow my hair long and this product has helped in my split ends and dryness. It is by no means mending my split ends that I have already, it just makes them feel more hydrated.

As for the nail polishes, I went to Ulta with the thought of spring on my mind. With all the dark colors from fall and winter on my nails I've really been wanting something to snap me out of the winter months. So I figured these new shades would be perfect for spring. From left to right, Java Mauve-A, Pink Flamenco & Cajun Shrimp. All from what I think is the normal permanent OPI collection. I've already worn all of them and have nothing bad to say about them!!
While we are on the subject of winter months, let's talk about hydration. I know that my skin, as well as my lips are really getting dry. As for my skin I've been slathering on a generous amount of Jergens Cherry and Almond scented body lotion. Not only does it smell great, it's also keeping my dry flaky skin at bay. As for my winter dry lips, I've been trying a few new things. I don't know if anyone else has noticed the plethora of lip balm type products that makeup brands have launched lately. Most of them claiming to add color, shine and moisture to ones lips. Revlon's "Lip Butters", Covergirl's "Baby Lips" and Loreal's "The Balm" just to name a few. I have tried a couple of these types of products, and I finally found one that holds true to what it claims to do. The "Baby Lips" by Covergirl provides a small hint of color while keeping my lips glossy and moisturized. The application feels comparable to Nivea's Kiss of Moisture chap stick. Not only does it give color, shine and moisture, but it also smells like grape kool-aid...who doesn't like that! The flavor mine is in is Grape Vine.

Ok ok ok, I know, this is the last nail polish. But I HAVE been waiting for this OPI collection to launch ALL MONTH!! The collection is Nicki Minaj by OPI. The one and only polish I got from this line is called Save Me, and it's an extreme glitter. It has all different shaped pieces of glitter including those cool long "bar" glitters. It throws a few different colors, like blue orange and green the most. I was looking for the perfect silver based glitter polish to go over my already painted a sort of accent. I usually only wear glitter on my ring finger. Just a touch of glitter over a polish here or there really makes a difference!! I won't be wearing this on all of my fingers as a stand alone polish for two reasons. One being it takes about four coats of it to go opaque. The other reason it takes FOREVER to come off. Even with my Zoya nail polish remover it takes some elbow grease. But none the less it is an amazing looking polish and I recommend it to glitter polish lovers everywhere!! As for the rest of the Nicki Minaj line, I think I can pass. There are three cream neons, and one other glitter polish. There is also one shatter polish in this collection. Most of the polishes are however doupeable. I didn't feel the need to go all crazy for this collection,
The last two items that are my favorite for this month are a little different than usual. I mainly feature makeup or hair related products but I thought I might throw these things in too...ey what the heck! The first is a candle from the brand Candle Cottage, it's in the scent Bakers Secret. Now this line of candles has been a little difficult to find. I've found it twice now at our local Wal-Mart. It smells AMAZING, like a baking blueberry pie!! I love all home scents and candles that have a hint of blueberry in them. This candle has a great burn time and the scent throw is great as well. They are a little on the pricey side, coming in at right about $8 a candle. There are a few other scents that I like from this brand, but like I said they are a little difficult to come by. The only other way to get a hold of some of them is online. Just google Candle Cottage. A few other noteworthy blueberry scented candles are Blueberry Scone by Yankee Candle. Better Homes (Wal-Mart) makes a good one, Wild Berry Cheesecake, and another called Blueberry Muffin. Target carries a novelty candle, I'm not so sure of the brand name, but that scent is also called Blueberry Muffin. And for those people who like the tart/wax warmers or burners the brand Scentsy makes a Blueberry Cheesecake wax tart that is by far my favorite!! Anddd now I realize that I have a weird infatuation with the smell of blueberry...on we go!!
Lastly is a bottle of wine. My husband and I were at our friends house for dinner and had a glass of this. The next day I was on the hunt to try and find it. A few wine/liquor stores later I FINALLY tracked it down. I'm not sure why it was so hard to find because it's delicious! It's definitely on the sweeter side of the spectrum! I'd recommend it to those people who are just starting to get into wine, or those that like sweeter wines. I enjoy it chilled or with an ice cube or two. It's by Thousand Islands Winery and it's their red table wine. Very sweet and full of grape flavor...almost a grape juice!!

And there you have it, my January(ish)  favorites!! TA DA!

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