Monday, August 6, 2012

Feeling HOT HOT HOT.

Well well, where has the time gone?! Long time no blogging! It's been a busy summer...between weddings, weekend getaways, work and blistering heat, I haven't been much of a beauty blogger. Much apologies. However, what better way to get my ass back in the saddle than a blog on my Summer Favorites! Most are beauty products, but I do love to throw in a couple other random things that I've been loving these past few weeks. 

I do not know if it's been as hot as the gates of hell everywhere this summer. But in Central New York I guess weather men/women have been calling it a "scorcher". I don't so much enjoy that word, but it has been uncomfortably hot and humid for the past couple months. That said, it has drastically changed my makeup routine and all around beauty regimen. I've picked up a few things to help me cope with this hot sticky mess (when air conditioning just isn't cutting it).

There it is, in all it's summer favorites. I guess I'll explain from leftish to rightish.

So, letsbehonest, I watch a TON of Youtube videos on new products and product reviews. All the buzz this spring/summer was Revlon and their new Colorstay Whipped foundation. Now after watching videos on application as well as reviews on this product, I decided to drop the $15 on this new drugstore foundation and give it a whirl. My current foundation wasn't cutting it in the hot humid temperatures. I would have tried smearing dirt on my face if it was the same shade as my skin. Luckily, this foundation has been working out for me so far. I'll spare you all the boring deets just for now, I'm going to be doing a review shortly on the
 blog. But my color is 370 natural tan. It's a bit dark, but I'll get to that in a second. :)
The next product is a fairly new product from bareMinerals. It's a "Ready Bronzer" in the color The Deep End. This bronzer is marketed a little different from the rest of the bareMinerals line because it's in compact/pressed powder form. As most of you reading this probably know, bareMinerals is typically known for their loose powders and eye shadows. They don't dabble a whole lot in pressed pigments or powders. I have been thoroughly enjoying this product. It again is a bit darker than what I usually wear because I've gotten a bit of color as of recent.

Next is a hair product. It's by the brand got2b. It's a volumizing powder for your roots. Being summer and all, my locks are a bit dry and brittle. Sun damage, frizzy from the humidity....lookin' pretty much like a lions mane. This stuff really jacks up your hair without the teasing comb and hair spray. Just shake it in and rub with your fingertips....but be careful not to use too much. It has a way of clumping up and getting a little sticky if you use more than a few shakes. I haven't had to tease my roots or blast them with the dryer and defuser to get the volume I want...and in turn saving it from being even more dried out.

Please excuse my sad, used, half a pack of individual lashes. I can't find the packaging, but they are by the brand Ardell and they are in Black Medium Flare. I find these a lot easier to put on than a full strip of lashes. I just place three or four clumps on my outer lashes and it gives me a whispy look. I don't know if I'm imagining it but they feel a lot more comfortable than the full strip lashes. I use the product under, Revlon's Precision Lash Adhesive to attach them, and have been liking that product a lot more than the Duo Adhesive I have been using for years. It dries clear, and seems to dry a WHOLE lot quicker than the Duo brand lash glue.
Smashbox with flash
Smashbox without flash
Wet-n-wild with flash

 The two eyeshadow palettes I've been reaching for are Blue Eyes by Smashbox and Comfort Zone by Wet-n-Wild. Both pallets are extremely neutral and bronze in color. Both have similar color pay off and quality. Which is a little surprising given that the Smashbox palette retails for about $45 and the Wet-n-Wild palette retails for a shocking $4.99 a pop. I don't necessarily use them with the corresponding colors and in the way the palette directs them to be used. I just mix and match until I get the desired look. :) 

Next product is the one I have been the most excited about. I've gone back and forth between different setting sprays. I've used the MAC Fix+, Model in a Bottle, and another setting spray by Skindinavia that I can't remember the name. These have all had pros and cons of their own but this product by Urban Decay takes the cake. It's called De Slick, and it is also by the brand Skindinavia. It's designed to control oil, but at the same time keep your makeup from disappearing throughout the day. I've been using it before I apply and after I finish my full face. I do have to say I am IN LOVE with this product. Along with another product I will be posting a more in-depth review on it in the future.

As far as nail polish goes for these summer months I've been a bit of a slacker. Where in the Fall and Winter months I would change my nail polish as soon as my manicure chipped. These passed months I've been changing my polish color about once a week. But the two colors I've been loving are Royal by Revlon and Pink Forever by Sinful Colors. Out of all the higher end nail polishes in my collection, I have really stuck to these two drugstore colors for the entirety of the summer months.

I received a few frequent buyer points at Sephora and got an assortment of samples. The HD Makeup Forever setting powder was one of them. So far I'm really liking the finish of this powder, and it's been working great with my Whipped foundation from Revlon.

My last beauty favorite, and why I've had to buy a darker foundation and bronzer is SPRAY TANNING!! I've been a bit of a spray tan junky lately. I like the instant color it gives me. The technology of spray tanning has come a long way in the past few years. They now have booths that spray your naked ass down. No more awkward person using an actual spray gun on you. You get, for the most part even color and instant gratification. Yes if you aren't careful or if you go to a shoddy establishment, your color and consistency may vary. I've found that as long as I exfoliate before I spray tan, and then moisturize afterwards I have had nothing but good luck. My skin fades rather evenly, I've been going to the tanning salon for a spray tan just about once a week. I have found that my face fades a bit faster because of my extra washing and probably the alcohol in my makeup wipes. That's where my darker foundation comes into play. It matches perfectly to my neck and chest....that way I am one solid color. :)

Lastly is a more random favorite. I wish I had stumbled upon this scent earlier in the summer. But because I wait for EVERYTHING I buy at Bath and Body Works to go on sale, I waited a bit too long for this. It's from their spring/summer beach collection. I finally cracked and bought it when the three wick candles went on sale for 2 for $20 down from $19.95 for one. I went looking for a totally different scent....Sun Tan. Which smelled just like suntan lotion, and I LOVED it. But they were completely sold out of that scent. I'm glad that I got the White Sands scent, it has a great scent throw and will more than get me through until I can start burning my autumn scents. mmmmmhmmmm. :) I also got a few of the "candle sleeves" that are also in the picture. I think they dress up any candle and are very affordable (Just about $5 each) at Bath and Body Works. 

That's all for now...but look for a new post in the near near future. :) <3 Peace Love & Waterproof Mascara. 

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