Friday, August 10, 2012

A Review.

Inspiration Station. I've been trying to organize my thoughts and channel my inner beauty blogger. Lately I've come across some products that have switched up my game and made me interested in the beauty community again. If it wasn't for the already existing beauty community on forums, chat boards, blogs, v-logs and YouTube, I would be left in the dark ages. There are so many new and old products that are out there on shelves that I think people like myself could benefit from. I figured this post could be a small review on two of those gems that I've found recently and have fallen in love...or lust with. Whatevs.

 Like I said in my previous post, I have had to change up my makeup routine. That was due to the fact that every time I had to spend any amount of time outside (other than the walk to and from my air conditioned car to an air conditioned building.) my face would melt off.

And by melt off, I mean my primer and foundation along with any powders would all separate and start to form oily nasty blotches. Now first things first, yes, I have oily to combination skin. I have a REALLY oily "t-zone". In the summer in the hot hot heat I get that an oily face is going to happen, it's hard to control. I get that. HOWEVER, I do not want to walk around like I have some sort of skin disease because my makeup is doing something like this...might as well just name me Patch.

So, after some research online within the beauty community I decided to take a little trip to my local drug store and pick out a new foundation. All the buzz was surrounding Revlon and their Colorstay Whipped Foundation. On the shelves the product looks great, nicely packaged in a glass container. By the looks of the displays there are quite a few colors to choose from...unless the display has been picked over, which the one at my drugstore had been. I grabbed the color 370 in Natural Tan and headed to the cash register. The product rang up for close to $15. Yes I know, I thought the same thing, "Shit Kellie, that's a bit much for a drugstore foundation." You would be right, however I had full intentions on returning this product if it didn't do what I wanted it to...I was on a mission. Aside from it being a bit pricey for a "low end" foundation, I had high hopes.
Upon opening the product I was surprised by the consistency and the color. For one, the color looked considerably darker inside than it did from the outside of the packaging. Luckily it was a great match for my newly spray tanned face. The consistency was something that I was not ready for. The name of the product is Whipped, but the texture of it is far from feeling whipped. It's not at all light or fluffy. After curiously looking and it and poking around, I found that the texture is more that of a heavy gel. It does look like a medium to full coverage foundation. However it does come across a bit heavier than it's name makes it sound. As far as application goes I use what God gave me, my fingers. I've used brushes, wet sponges, dry sponges, beauty blenders...all sorts of tools to apply my foundation. With this product I believe my fingers work best to distribute and blend it into my skin. I do go over the foundation with a MAC 187, dou fiber brush to make sure I've blended properly. As far as the finish, without setting the foundation it does leave a natural matte-ish finish to ones face. It doesn't look greasy, or cakey. The product does make you look like you are alive tho, not dull or lifeless. I set mine with a translucent setting powder and go on with the rest of my face routine.
Now the product does say something about being good for 24 hours...I don't know what Revlon is doing with that marketing ploy. Who in their right mind is wearing any foundation for 24 hours? I just want it to last through the word day and not melt away. Which this product does flawlessly. It stays in place and keeps my face from getting oily or slippery. Out of 5 stars I give this foundation 4.5, I only deduct a half a point because, even though the packaging looks nice, it's a bit excessive. I like to be able to shove my makeup into my travel makeup bag and go. This packaging is a bit bulky and heavy for my day to day make up bag. However the glass bottle looks almost elegant on my makeup station. I on the other hand wouldn't mind paying a little less for this product if it was packaged in something say...plastic??

My second, and last product for this review is De Slick by Urban Decay and Skindinavia. It is an oil controlling setting spray. When I picked this up I figured I'd give it a try and use it to lock in my new love, the Whipped Revlon Foundation. With this product added to my foundation routeen, my face would be unstoppable. haha. I really wanted to try it out not so much for the staying power for my foundation, but also for my blush. Ever since I've started wearing blush I have the hardest time keeping the color throughout the day. It seems to just disappear. This product can be found most places that sell Urban Decay like Sephora and Ulta, or online some places. It retails for just about $29. I use about 4 sprays
 on my bare face before I start to put my face makeup on. After I have finished my entire face...yup mascara, eyebrows and all. I spray another 4 squirts around my face. It takes a second to dry and feels a bit tacking but after that you're ready to rock and roll. It has a slight fragrance but it is so subtle and it wears of instantly after it drys. It keeps my foundation and blush in their original position through a grueling 10 hour shift at work. If you ask me I think it's worth every single penny. Out of 5 stars I give this product a 4. I deducted a little because of the stickiness that the product leaves behind until it is fully dry. I also deducted a small percent because of an event that occurred while camping. lol
Now I know that what happened was an extenuating circumstance. I wouldn't normally be doing what I was doing with a full face of makeup on. However I would like to explain what happened. Upon starting out on a camping trip with my husband and some friends to Lake George this past weekend I left the house with a full face of makeup. It was about 93 degrees outside and humid as hell. Once we got to the camp grounds I set off to set up our tent and sleeping quarters. After a bit of struggling the tent was up and I was unroll sleeping bags and setting up our bed. Well, as you might know, being inside a smallish tent setting up a bed in the blistering heat is like working in an oven set on BROIL! I emerged gasping for air and sweating a bit. Well at least I thought my face was trying to sweat. I touched my face where I thought it was sweating and it felt like I had sprayed it with half a bottle of Aqua Net. My face was sticky but it wasn't sweaty, and it might have even been a bit itchy. Later on I got a chance to check myself in a mirror and my makeup looked just as it had that morning when I left the this product does what it's supposed to. But they should call it sweat blocker spray not oil control spray. SURVEY SAYS...don't try and sweat your perm out with it on your kind of itches.

Until next time, Peace, Love, & Waterproof Mascara. <3

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