Monday, December 26, 2011

Yello There.

Figured it was about time that I started a little blog-ity blog. Some friends seem to think I have some knowledge worth writing about. Who really knows!? I have a real passion for anything fashion related as well as shopping related! I enjoy a good candle burning, and a fresh coat of nail polish! Like most girls I enjoy getting dolled up and feeling pretty. I just happen to know a little more about makeup, hair and those type of products than the average 20 something girl living in upstate New York!!  So I figure I can start out with some of the things that I am currently in love with!! 

I am loving married life. Husband, house, children...I was always that little girl who wanted to play house. Now my big girl life has really started! Marriage. I had daydreams my whole life of what my wedding would be like and what kind of man I would marry. And as of October 16th 2011 I married my best friend and my life has never been better!!  <3

Now on to the fun things!! I am also currently loving my Urban Decay Naked Palette. I am somewhat of a makeup enthusiast you would say. I like collecting makeup. I REALLY enjoy watching YouTube videos on makeup! I love wearing makeup and doing other peoples makeup. Ask the girls that I work with! I am constantly doing their makeup and experimenting with eyeshadow. I've even done makeup for some of their weddings! I really enjoy all things girly. I love getting all made up, makeup and hair done and...well going to the grocery store. haha I swear I will hit pan on all of these colors, I think I forgot to mention that the only eyeshadow that I like to wear personally is any shade, hue and variation of the color BROWN. Hence this palette being the bees knees. I recommend it to everyone. Not just those starting out, I also recommend it to those people who think they have their perfect eyeshadow collection!! This is a great palette. It has all the colors a person could possibly need to do a natural look to a dark smokey night look. And it's in a compact palette that is great for traveling!! This particular palette has been out for some time and Urban Decay has actually released a new palette called Naked 2. I haven't gotten it yet. However that doesn't mean I will not get it!! Both palettes run about $48 dollars and can be found online and Urban Decay and in most Ulta or Sephora stores near you!! :)
There's one other thing that I have been loving and that is NAIL POLISH!! Not only have I been addicted to all nail polish, I have also been spreading my addiction to my friends and co-workers!! It's intense!! I honestly cannot remember the last time that I had BARE nails....yup. I think that I have had every color on Gods green earth on my nails in the past 6 months. With the exception of my wedding weekend. Those nails were press on's...and that is a WHOLE different blog.(Do not knock it 'til you've tried them ladies.) I just have been loving the look of very short, squared off nails with a shiny coat of one color or another on them. Maybe even with a occasional glitter accent nail or two. With it being the dead of winter and all I have been loving me some dark colors and metallic! And I am usually a little bit of a brand whore when it comes to products but really I haven't been discriminating. I love all nail polish brands from Revlon and Wet and Wild to OPI, Essie and Butter London!! At the moment I have on Revlon's Copper Penny!! Not only do I love this nail polish, it is also sort of the inspiration for this blog and blog title. The color rose gold is probably my favorite color of the moment. I love it in nail polish, jewelry, makeup, purse name it. If it comes in a coppery bronze color I WANT IT! If I could paint every wall in my apartment this color I would!! Although it is my favorite nail polish of the month of December, I do hate chipped nail polish. And considering I have had this nail polish on for the entire Christmas weekend I think it's time to get a clean slate and try something new....I did get an Ulta gift card from Santa!! 

So there it is, my first blog post. I'm hoping with the coming new year I will be able to make some time for this blog. And if nothing else I would like to share some of the product knowledge that I may have and some pros and cons of some products that I am using or have used in the past. I am in no way saying that I am a makeup artist or some sort of professional beauty consultant. I just know what I like and what works for me and I like sharing that with people around me. I can also tell you for the most part what's on sale at most drug stores as far as makeup, nails and hair products go. AND I'm getting really good at finding deals and coupons!! I not only love to shop and buy beauty products...I also like not paying full price when at all possible.

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